Saturday, May 21, 2016

Summer and Spring Decor ideas for Living and Dining room

Hello everyone!  Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  In my home we've been spring cleaning and pulling out a few summer decorations to prepare for the summer season.  In an effort to be thrifty this year, I decided to to try and reuse most of our decor from last year.  I don't usually go overboard when decorating, (except at Christmas).  I really think less is more, as long as the less makes statement.  Hopefully these pictures will provide some inspiration as as you decorate your home this summer!

I love to decorate my fireplace mantel.  This is a focal point in my family room that serves as a great place to decorate.  I added various frames, candles, a small pop of yellow faux Forsynthia from Joanne's Fabrics. 

I used these stems last year...they are super easy to decorate with. (Above)

Below is my dining room, I just added a few flowers, added a few items and immediately this room screamed, "Spring."    I plan to paint this room this month...getting rid of that gold and replacing with gray....Can't Wait!!!!!  Will post once complete!

Last summer I flanked both of my family room chairs next to the fireplace. (See below) I love to move my furniture around to create a different look in a space that we spend so much time in.  I watched my mother and grandmother do this as a kid, and I love the feeling I get when I recreate a space. 

I hope these pictures inspire you to start the summer season.   If you want some inspiration while decorating your outdoor space, please see the links below:

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Shopping Finds and Ideas, at one of my favorite stores!

Can I get some spring flowers, some spring weather, a maxi skirt and of course.... some spring decor! Unfortunately, in this section of the continent, our first day of spring brought snow showers and wind gusts...but I refuse to let that deter me from preparing for one of my favorite seasons!

So to get started I spent a day with my grandmother last week at my favorite store...Homegoods, simply to get ideas and inspirations.  I will definitely shop in my own boxes labeled Spring in the basement...but I always like to add something new to complement what I already have.   
Here are some of my finds:

This outdoor patio bar set is absolutely amazing!  I really want something like this for my deck.  

This wood side table would look good indoors or outdoors.

Storage baskets are something old that has a new feel about them... These baskets are super cute!  

I settled on the one below....Love it! Very deep, heavy and nicely made.

Homegoods has so many spring flowers.

I really adore this settee sofa...would be a great addition in my sun room. 

And of course if you need a few pillows to spruce up your decor...Homegoods has plenty of them. 

I hope these spring finds inspire you...Thanks for visiting!

(I'm not paid to mention Homegoods...I just really love this store!) 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Just a Little Decor for After Christmas and Before Spring.

After Christmas and before Spring I always have a difficult time deciding how to decorate for the winter.   This year beginning mid January through the end of March, I have used the following decor. Very minimal.   Can't wait for Spring!

A few of those Holiday pine cones and branches make a nice display. (See Above)

And you can't go wrong with a nice big basket,  Throw a pillow and a nice throw to add texture. (See Above)

Thanks for visiting a Pretty House Rocks!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dated Gold to Modern Gray Kitchen Paint Redo!

Yes! I finally finished repainting my kitchen.  It took a minute, but it feels amazing after 10 years to replace that dated paint with a more modern color.  It really brightened the kitchen and sun the space a brand new feel! 

After doing some research on Pinterest, we chose Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter to replace the old gold faux finish that covered these kitchen walls.   I honestly love the look and I'm super excited about the prospect of re-painting some more rooms...dining room next!

Below is the kitchen in the old paint....the Gold Faux had to Go!  It had its time.

I decided to use the remaining paint and painted the wall outside the kitchen gray....the color really makes the blue photo wall pop! (Below)

The kitchen sun room's walls also needed a make over.

The gray paint made a huge difference, it really complimented my photo wall.(Below)

With these two pics below, you can really see how each color affects the room.

I hope these pics inspire you!   Thanks so much for stopping by, A Pretty House!


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar...Easy and under $7!

So we have all seen various pics depicting inviting and inspiring coffee and hot cocoa stations. I so want that!  It's the holidays!...I love and need coffee and hot cocoa, and who wouldn't want to have their very own coffee shop at home. Plus, what a cool way to impress family and friends during your holiday gathering!   But with so much going on this season, I just don't have the time to recreate these images exactly the way they appear.   Basically, I want what they have but a little simpler and budget friendly.

Whenever i get inspired to do some decorating I survey my home to see if there is anything being unused that needs a more current use. I was looking for a food tray in my kitchen to  use, but I remembered this silver tray that I had in my bedroom.  I got this from my favorite store Homegoods, two years ago.   Looks pretty, but no true purpose in my bedroom.  Let's give this tray a real job! 

 Next I needed containers.  Something to hold all my goodies.  I looked in my pantry and couldn't find anything empty.   So made a quick trip to the Dollar Store and I purchased these glass jars and containers.  Five for $5....and they actually look pretty good.  I didn't have nice labels to add, but maybe another time.  I'm doing simple today.

For some holiday decor, I also grabbed two dollar store poinsettias and grabbed some pine cones I had in another room. 

I filled the Dollar Store containers with cocoa powder, Swiss Miss hot cocoa packs, marshmallows, cream cups, coffee stirrers, and of course tea.  For many of us, these items are staples in our homes.   

I also love how Pinterest, images display coffee/hot cocoa stations with a beautifully framed chalk board, with the quote, "Baby it's cold outside."   Remember I'm being thrifty, so I used the same dollar store tray that I actually painted with black chalkboard paint last thanksgiving for a menu sign.   Not the best print, we used my daughters chunky sidewalk chalk.

 Well, my daughter and I are going to the coffee and hot cocoa bar to get some hot cocoa!  Thanks for stopping by and Have a Happy Happy Holiday!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Holiday Decor Ideas!

Happy Holidays and Welcome to A Pretty House Rocks!   This is my family's favorite time of the year and we couldn't wait to take out the Christmas decorations.  Please....take a look around and thanks for stopping by!   

This year we decided to decorate our tree with silver and gold accented with blue in the family room.  I just love the color blue, but I must admit that the colors gold and silver looks pretty good.

Ahh the fireplace, my favorite feature in my family room.  I didn't have enough stocking holders this year.  We got a new puppy so now we have 4 kids!  So I improvised by using a tension rod.  I placed the tension rod on the holders allowing room to add more stockings as needed.   (see below)  

For my dining room below, I used some silver burlap as a runner and blue poinsettias from Joann's Fabric store.  This year is using the "less is more" design theme in my dining room since we will be painting soon (Can't wait!)

Below are some more stems from Joann's and Michael's.   I love the way these winter stems bring in the Holiday!

I made these wreaths below for every window in my house.  Costs $2 a window!  I bought the wreathes and red bows from the dollar store.  So easy and quite festive.   That looks really beautiful from the street. 

I decorated one of my console tables with Christmas decor and ornaments and also used this table to display greeting cards.

Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks and Happy Holidays!