Sunday, July 2, 2017

Family Road Trip Essentials Packing Checklist and Travel Tips

Summer is here and many of us are preparing for that family road trip to our vacation destination.  Although some of us may be dreading that drive.   I wanted to share some of the things I've learned over the years to overcome those travel woes.  I have learned that it is what you pack that counts and not simply packing too much.  And having a packing list is the biggest stress reliever.   Below I have also shared my road trip packing checklist, that can me edited to suit your family's needs!
  • Travel size and refillable containers are great solutions when packing toiletries.  These compact items make it easier to organize without taking up a lot of space.  Divide these among the family especially with teens to ensure everyone has their own personal items. 
  • Laundry Bags are great solutions when organizing dirty laundry while away.  We often vacation at our timeshare that offers a washer and dryer, these bags make it easier to store laundry. That's IF you have laundry to do.  I found these bags at Target for $5.
  • First Aid Kit is a MUST.  I bought this First Aid container bag and stocked it with First Aid essentials.  You can always buy a fully stocked kit. 
  • Zippered Bags are great solutions for storing travel items and toiletries.  These bags are super easy to store in the car or in the luggage.  Give family members their own for personal items.  Label for convenience and easy access.
  • Cleaning Products are a necessity especially with kids.  Antibacterial wipes and shout wipes.  We even bring Lysol wipes or spray to disinfect items in our hotel room, toilet seat, remote control.  It gives us peace of mind.  
  • Most importantly we use a Packing List.  I want to share what we use for packing essential items for a family road trip.   Because nothing spoils the fun of a road trip like a forgotten item

Click on the links below to edit one for your family! 

Family Road Trip Essentials Packing Checklist Template - MSWord

Family Road Trip Essentials Packing Checklist - PDF Version

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday and Christmas Decor Ideas

The holidays are here and its that time of the year when many of us want our homes to reflect our holiday mood.  We love to decorate more than just the family room, it creates a magical and festive ambience, that can turn the biggest frown upside down.  This year's features colors are silver and gold.  We decided to accent a few spaces with red and some with blue.  We try to create a theme throughout our home as we decorate, making sure to keep those feature colors as the main character. 

Please enjoys this pics of the family room, living room and dining room...there are more to come.  By the way, some of these Christmas decorations were DIY projects: Stay tuned for more info! 


 Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks!  Happy holidays! 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Updating a Living Room using the perfect Gray Paint

After painting our dining room using Sherwin Williams' Gauntlet Gray.  Of course, we had to paint the room across from the dining room,...the living room.  This room was painted a very dated, yet once popular faux finish gold. (just like the dining room) See Dining Room update with the Perfect Gray Paint

This new color completely transformed this room into a more modern and elegant space.  

We changed the curtains but are still working on updating the remaining decor, but for now we are satisfied with simply adding this new paint. 

Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks!  We hope these updates inspire you to paint a room today! 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Perfect Gray Paint Color to Update a Dining Room

We have been in our home for over ten years and realized that the only way we will not move is if we update everything!  Not that ten years is that long, but the styles have changed.   Case in point....this dated gold faux finish paint....that looked "stylish"  years ago.  Now it just looks dated! (see Below) It looks like the sun exploded in our dining room...It just had to go!

Dated Gold Faux finish paint
I personally wanted something current and modern, but honestly I really wanted something that was easy to decorate with.

I fell in love with Sherwin Williams' Gauntlet Gray (above chair rail) and Alabaster (below chair rail).  I love these paint colors.  They are so modern and complimentary to the rest of our furniture and décor.  There was no need to change my curtains.

From every angle this paint changes the entire look of this room.  We feel like we have moved into a new home!  My kids said, "Mom what happened to our house, and can we paint our rooms next!"

What a difference a coat of paint makes...right?   What a transformation!

Prior I painting, I was undecided on whether to put the dark below and the light above, as some people do.  However, I love the darker gray color above the chair serves as the main focus.  Especially since my Living room that is opposite this room, must have a similar color scheme to ease the flow. Great color for our open floor plan. (see below)

We are super excited at how this paint update turned out. 

We hope this inspires you to update and paint a room today!  Thanks for visiting A Pretty House!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quick & Sophisticated Outdoor Home Update - Decorative Garage Door Panels!

All I can say is WOW!...what an easy and affordable way to update the look of your home's exterior! My darling husband installed these Decorative Garage Door Panels after he received a quote on how expensive it would be to replace the garage door with something more decorative.  

After Installation of Garage Door Panels
Below is our house before he installed the panels. The change was immediate!  I could not believe what a difference it made.  (see Before image below)
Before installation of garage door panels

We purchased these panels from Home Depot, we bought 2 boxes (2 panels per box) for $99 each.  Not a bad price at all!  It honestly took my husband less than 2 hours to measure, drill, and install. 

Go Honey!  I couldn't be more pleased.  By the way...those decorative handles (see below) were also a quick update that my husband did 2 years ago.  They were a decorative black garage hardware kit from Home Depot for about $20.

Doesn't it appear that this garage door came this way....especially if I didn't tell you?

There really is nothing like a trendy and sophisticated update for your home, that is also budget friendly. 

This was such a great investment and I love the end result.  I hope this project inspires you...Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Want to Update Your Deck for the Summer?...Try a New Deck Stain!

Because of the wear and tear of a wood deck it is a great idea to re-stain every few years to keep it looking new.  Our deck was in definite need of a make-over. We were tired of this almost orange stain we used a few years back.  In our opinion it got uglier as each year passed.  So we decided to begin our makeover by staining our deck.

After some research we finally chose Cordovan Brown Deck Stain from Home Depot....we absolutely love the end result. (See below) Adding and updating the decor is the next project. 

The previous color was actually doesn't look bad in this image. (See Below) But up close, it honestly looks like puke!

Again, we chose the Cordovan Brown by Behr. 

Below you can really see the contrast between the two very different stains. Please Note: We did not strip the deck prior to painting. We realize this this is an important step, especially if you would like the wood grain to be more visible.  Maybe next time. 

Before new deck stain (See below) 

After Deck Stain (See below) 

The next stage in our Deck update and makeover is to accessorize.   I will keep you all posted!  Thanks for visiting!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Summer and Spring Decor ideas for Living and Dining room

Hello everyone!  Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  In my home we've been spring cleaning and pulling out a few summer decorations to prepare for the summer season.  In an effort to be thrifty this year, I decided to to try and reuse most of our decor from last year.  I don't usually go overboard when decorating, (except at Christmas).  I really think less is more, as long as the less makes statement.  Hopefully these pictures will provide some inspiration as as you decorate your home this summer!

I love to decorate my fireplace mantel.  This is a focal point in my family room that serves as a great place to decorate.  I added various frames, candles, a small pop of yellow faux Forsynthia from Joanne's Fabrics. 

I used these stems last year...they are super easy to decorate with. (Above)

Below is my dining room, I just added a few flowers, added a few items and immediately this room screamed, "Spring."    I plan to paint this room this month...getting rid of that gold and replacing with gray....Can't Wait!!!!!  Will post once complete!

Last summer I flanked both of my family room chairs next to the fireplace. (See below) I love to move my furniture around to create a different look in a space that we spend so much time in.  I watched my mother and grandmother do this as a kid, and I love the feeling I get when I recreate a space. 

I hope these pictures inspire you to start the summer season.   If you want some inspiration while decorating your outdoor space, please see the links below: