Kitchen Beverage Center - Anyone can have a coffee and wine bar!

If you're like me, married with three kids, then the bar scene is just a distant memory.  Well, I love my wine and I love my coffee, not in that order of course. My wonderful kitchen however was lacking a few items, such as wine cooler, wine cellar, butler's pantry, personal get the picture.  I wanted those luxuries, but on a I had to improvise. My goal is to make my home exactly what I want it to be. Anything is possible when your home is your canvas. So I decided to do a little updating to that lonely counter in the kitchen next to the refrigerator.  It is the only space in my kitchen that was pretty flexible.  It already included our coffee maker.  I bought a counter top wine cooler added a few wine glasses, items for the coffee bar... and the bar is Open!  With school starting Momma needs a few things to make her day easier!

   Beverage Center – Wine Cooler $69  Walmart                                    
I know it's not a big deal but adding this beverage center to my kitchen just makes my mornings and my evenings so much better!  

                          Thanks for visiting!   I hope these ideas inspire you!

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