Kitchen Sun room - Multi-purpose and Versatile Decor

A Pretty House

My kitchen sun room has had an identity crisis...thanks to me.  It has been a dining room, sitting room, office, and crafts workshop.   I haven't quite decided which one looks the best, but I wanted to share the versatility of this sun room...

A Pretty House

As a sitting room....

As a eat-in Kitchen or dining area.

Or Dining Room

This is my most recent use for this room.  I got this new table and love to eat dinner here with my family.  The windows make this an inviting space to entertain for dinner parties.   Not to mention that I put the wicker set in these pics on our deck. 
A Pretty House Rocks

As a Kitchen office or Work-station.....

 I truly believe that a pretty house rocks!  I hope these changes can inspire you!  Thanks  for visiting!  


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