DIY - Photo & Accent Wall


I love to display art and my family's pictures. But with the convenience of our camera phones I find that I have to make more of an effort to take pictures, print them out, etc. I've been visiting a few model homes and love the concept of "Photo accent walls" that have pops of color to showcase art work and family photos.  

I looked on Pinterest and found dozens of photo wall pins, so I grabbed some blue paint, a pencil, painters tape and my level...and got to work!   

I used my pencil and level to measure a square on my wall, lined it with painters tape.  I painted my blue square and then I used tape to arrange my photos display.  I was torn between white or black frames, but ultimately I purchased black frames from Michael's and printed some black and white photos from my computer.  I loved the end result and can't wait to do this on another wall in my upstairs hallway.

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Kitchen Cabinet hardware upgrade/Easy Backsplash Touch-up

Cabinet pulls from Lowes

Changing your kitchen cabinet hardware can have a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen. 

Back in July, after sampling several cabinet knobs and pulls, we finally purchased these cabinet pulls from Lowes.   My husband installed them last month and I couldn't be more pleased.  They are exactly the change our kitchen needed.

Kitchen Before new Cabinet Pulls and Glass mosaic tile outline

But I honestly could not stop there.  I was no longer pleased with my initial back splash choice once I upgraded my counter tops. However, I wanted a change that didn't require a huge wall demo.  Plus my initial backsplash was a DIY project that was Just Okay. So I outlined my back splash with this beautiful mosaic glass tile from Lowes....It complimented the dark granite.

Kitchen after with Tile Back Splash outline update

Kitchen after with New Cabinet Pulls

I really loooove how we have updated our kitchen but in the most cost effective way.  My updates included: Recessed lighting conversion pendant lights, Counter-top replaced with granite (our only splurge), Cabinet pulls, Paint, Glass mosaic tile outline.  See image below of our kitchen before these updates....a little goes a long way.  I hope these updates inspire you!  Thanks for visiting, A Pretty House Rocks!

Kitchen Before updates