Kids At-Home Summer Camp Schedule - Printable Template

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Well summer break is almost here and I can almost hear my kids telling me..."Mom! There's nothing to do!"   If your home like me during the summer and your kids are home with you, then a schedule is imperative for a smooth and happy summer.   

Below I've created a very easy go-to schedule.  You can use these templates as guides and edit or simply print and go!   
Click the links below.  

Kids At-Home Summer Camp Schedule Template PDF

Kids AT-Home Summer Camp Schedule Printable in MS Word

I hope you find these templates helpful!  Have a fun and productive summer!  

A Pretty House Rocks

Budget Friendly and Fabulous Kitchen Counter Stools...Pretty and Built to last!

Okay, so how many of you have bought stools for your kitchen and your kids have destroyed them.   Over the years we've went through 4 sets!  Either the legs weakened from too much leaning, the cushion split or they just looked so bad we had to throw them out. I've donated so many stools to GoodWill that they could probably furnish a bar!  I was so tired of replacing them.

So, I mentioned this to say that I finally found counter stools that are reasonably priced and actually look great!   I recently purchased these Linon Allure Counter Stools from Kohls Dept store.  They were initially $129.99 on sale for 50% off I got them for $64.00 each! A great deal!  I believe they are currently on sale for buy one get one 1/2 off. I noticed the sale fluctuates from week to week.   In the store you can get colors such as blue and red. However, online you have a wider range of colors available from grey, lavender and even yellow.  I chose the color, "rice" in the counter height....they are super cute! Also available in bar height. 

 A nice update for your kitchen! 

A pretty house rocks

The frame of these stool are extremely sturdy.  It is actually difficult to lean in these.

 The nailhead trim is sooo classy and the cushioned seat is very comfortable.   

Purchasing a stool in a different color can add that pop of color you may be looking for!


Definitely a keeper and a great deal..I think these will last, my kids agree.  :-)  We shall see. 

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Another Easy DIY Photo Accent Wall

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Well, last weekend I was in a painting mood and decided to paint another photo wall.  I didn't take on too was actually very simple and easy way to update any space. 

This is my morning room right off my kitchen, or some call it a sun room.  This wall is a great way for you to highlight family pics and even add a pop of color to any room in your home.

Painter's tape and a level tool is all I 

I used the first photo wall I painted to display my immediate family and decided to use this wall to display extended family members.   

If you don't want to display photos you can easily add some framed art pieces. The painted wall will accent whatever you want to highlight!

I hope these pictures inspire you to make one of your walls a artistic display of family, friends or even artwork! 

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A Few Easy and inexpensive Spring and Summer Decor for the Family Room

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Yellow artificial forsythia flowers is a great way to add a pop of color!
Break out the sunscreen and Maxi dresses...because spring has finally arrived and summer is right around the corner.   I love this time of the year, before it gets sooooo hot you don't even want to step a  single flip flop outside!  

So now is the time to "spring" out your home...on a budget of course.  

You need to save some money for that great summer vacation, right?   Anyway...there are so many simple way to add some spring decor, such as; incorporating some color, adding new pillows, flowers, replace your linens and draperies.   I usually get inspired by Pinterest, blogs or visiting many of my favorite stores to get ideas and sometimes the latest trends.   It is often so easy to recreate some of the expensive decor with a budget friendly imitation that still looks good!

I bought these yellow artificial Forsythia flowers from Michaels....on sale for $2.90 a branch.   Another more expensive chain has a similar look for $12.95 a branch.   I love how the yellow flowers brightens up my family room below.

You can't go wrong with Blue pillows from Kohls and HomeGoods. The accent table is from Target.  The white flowers were a purchase from Joanne's last spring.   It's super cheap to decorate with your own stuff!

The fireplace mantel is another tool to display some spring decor. Adding blue candles, silver candle holders and a plate I bought from HomeGoods.

This little cute pup is a spring purchase that has definitely brightened our decor and our lives!!!!!!  


The blue and green artificial flowers were an item I bought a year ago from Joanne's Fabrics.

Replacing the pillows on my sofa is always a great way to change the decor every season.

I hope these pictures have inspired you to "spring out" your home!  Come back and visit, I'm working on my dining room next.   Thanks for visiting!