How to Organize Your Pantry on a Budget

I've been on a mission to organize my household including myself.  Okay I'll admit that I'm not as organized as I would like to be.  And this may be my way of thinking because I'm married to a man who is pretty anal retentive.  As a result of this happy expectations have become pretty high.    

So below is what my pantry usually looks like. How does yours look?  Well I don't think it's that horrible...but when things aren't organized the kids tend to just put stuff anywhere. Heck, I've been know to do the same.  Well not anymore...I hope.  

So on a extremely hot weekday, the kids and I stayed in and took everything out of the pantry. 

Items from Walmart

Cereal Containers via BJ's Wholesale

The day before we took a trip to Walmart and BJ's to pick up a few organizational items.  This was after some serious research for ideas on Pinterest, as always these Pinners never disappoint. 

a pretty house

Cork Board Squares via Walmart

The green containers were an old purchase from Kmart and the white containers are from the Dollar Store.  I made and printed some quick pantry labels.  And that's it.  

I paid a total of $40.00 for everything I purchased.  Yes, I can be pretty organized too!

I love the baskets but I noticed that too many of them could be awkward.  So I only used a few. The containers are a huge plus, they make it easy to be super organized and they keep everything fresh. 

I used the cork squares to add a message board to the inside of the pantry doors.   Looking at Pinterest, I wanted to use black board paint...but I decided to try this for now.  

I really love how our pantry turned out.  I've seen some fabulous ideas on Pinterest that were really inspiring and even intimidating.   I even saw my dream pantry...but that's a job for another day and a different budget.  

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A Quick and Cheap Kitchen Upgrade - Easily replace recessed lighting with pendant lights!

A Pretty House Rocks.
Recessed lighting conversion kits - very easy to install
As I was looking at my kitchen, trying to decide what DIY project was I brave enough to tackle next, I decided to re-focus back on the kitchen. We decided to change the lighting, by using Recessed lighting conversion kits.  A great alternative that is very cheap and easy to install. Honestly, these kits are really amazing and make it simple to replace recessed lighting with hanging pendant lights.  Anyone can do it! 

When we had our home built we opted for all recessed lighting...what a mistake! In my opinion, hanging lights looked better and provided direct surface lighting.  When I'm mixing at my island,  I want to be able to see those lumps in my pancake batter.  No one wants over-mixed pancakes! For those of us that don't really want to pay that electrician...this is a easy yet pretty fix.  All you do is screw it into the recessed light. 

Many home DIY stores such as Home Depot and Lowes offer various styles and reasonable prices.......especially compared to what it would cost to have an electrician install them.  I also love the versatility this option offers.  I can change the style anytime I want...maybe purchase one in a nickle, like the pic below.  I love this style and these only cost $45 each. A great change for any kitchen.  

via Home Depot
I can visualize these lights in my kitchen now!  Very classy and expensive looking!

Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks!  I hope these pics inspire you to do something pretty to your home!  

Throw a Stylish BBQ with Outdoor Tableware from the Dollar Store!

At my house we love to throw BBQs, that's what summer is all about right? But they can be costly to decorate.   I was in the Dollar Store the other day and could not believe how stylish the outdoor tableware and decor was!  

There was a range of colors and styles of margarita glasses, bowls, plates, wicker charges, serving platter, ice buckets and the list goes on.   I purchased all of these items for under $20!  

You can mix these items with your more expensive ones...or you can simply use all of one will no the difference.

My other post: Quick Outdoor Patio Table Ideas  includes items that were definitely more expensive than the Dollar Store..How do you think they compare? 

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What a great way to save money this summer.  I hope these pics inspire you! Thanks for visiting a A Pretty House!

DIY Canvas Painting for the novice in all of us!

Hello Everyone!   

I wanted to share one of my favorite and creative ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank.  

I love decorating with art, especially abstract art that can be that icing on the cake in any space.   I've bought some pieces, but I'm usually looking for a particular color or style... when I realized that this would be a perfect DIY decorating project.  

Not taking anything away from professional artists...whose work I could never compete with.  But there are times when we want to decorate with our own personal works of art.  The end result is always personal and authentic! And did I mention how much money you can save!   Below are some my works of art.  What a way to wow guests with your our artwork!

To start, all I needed was some acrylic paint, painter brushes, even sponges if your looking for a particular effect, an easel, a canvas, if you really want to get professional, you can apply canvas gesso to help the acrylic paint absorb the canvas.  Or buy a pre-primed canvas.  You can protect your painting by adding a protective gloss once it has dried.  And last and most important is a nice cold glass of gets the creative juices flowing. I use this time to relax and reflect, it is so therapeutic!    

Please note that I'm no expert, but the first painting I did was 2 years ago and it still looks good...colors haven't faded. I must admit that one thing I have learned is that when layering, to let the paint dry before applying another layer.

I hope these pics have inspired you to create something fabulous for your home!  Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks!

How to add a Make-up Vanity or even a Desk in your bedroom or any small space.

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Do you often feel like you want a dedicated space just for you?  I must admit that I love make-up almost as much as I love decorating my home.  I love to pretty up my house....but what about me?  Many of us are just too busy to sit down and do something personal. Doing my nails is hardly ever on my to-do list.   Maybe I watch too much reality tv, but I love how celebrities always seem to have that special place to glam up.  We should all be so lucky!

As many of you can attest, besides our busy schedules, the problem is that space for a fabulous make-up vanity is often limited.

SOOOO....I decided to improvise.   I relocated my night stand and I purchased this quite "expensive looking" console table from JCPennys.  Its the Upton glass hall table.   It is a combination of glass and chrome and looks amazing in real life!

Since I'm always on a budget, so are all the accessories. I'd rather spin the money on the actual make-up I will be using at this vanity.   I got the lamp and mirror form Walmart....shhhhh, don't tell anybody. 

The cream leather chair was from another room and it was a great buy from HomeGoods a year favorite store!

You could even use an ottoman or stool instead of a chair to give your room a more spacious look. 

Glass cups from Target filled with gold glass marbles were the best way to display my make-up brushes. They also have nice glass bowls at the Dollar Store.

I bought these acrylic cases and make-up mirror from TJ Maxx....another good buy. These acrylic cases are usually very expensive..   

Let's say make-up isn't your thing or you simply need an additional work space.  
This table is great as an instant desk.  
A pretty house rocks

I hope these pics have inspired you in some way to glam up any space or add a bedroom workstation in your home.   Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks!

Quick Outdoor Patio Table Decor Ideas...

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It was pushing 86 degrees this weekend, which meant it was time to chill with a few frozen daiquiris!  In my opinion, this is the best part of the summer, relaxing on the deck, enjoying a frozen drink with my husband,... kids playing. I couldn't wait to enjoy the warm weather but when I stepped outside I realized the decor or lack of, just didn't match my mood......sooooo.  

It was time to decorate my patio table and deck with some quick and easy decor.  I didn't have time to plan I just wanted instant summer!   

Just enough to get the season started. Although...I still have a few ideas brewing in my head for the rest of the summer.

A pretty house rocks
A chic bottle of S. Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water and a pitcher of lemons 
brighten this table
When I think of summer decor, I think of tropical themes and bright colors, so I simply filled my glass pitcher with lemons, to add some color to my patio table. We decided to have lunch outside, so I set the table with my favorite colorful margarita glasses that I've had for quite a few years.    Added a bottle of S.Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water....these bottles are always a stylish way to chic up any space.  
A pretty house rocks
Flowers and colorful plates complete this table setting nicely.

I found these plastic plates and cups from Kmart last week for practically nothing, they have a nice pattern on them and are perfect for quick but pretty table setting.

A Pretty house rocks
Outdoor side tables need love too!

This blue pitcher on one of my outdoor side tables hasn't been filled yet...but it still looks pretty good!

Well...that was a quick mood changer.  This was a quick and easy way to change this space, adding colorful items to brighten and change the decor. 

A Pretty House Rocks

I hope these pictures inspire you to change the mood of your deck!  

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