DIY Canvas Painting for the novice in all of us!

Hello Everyone!   

I wanted to share one of my favorite and creative ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank.  

I love decorating with art, especially abstract art that can be that icing on the cake in any space.   I've bought some pieces, but I'm usually looking for a particular color or style... when I realized that this would be a perfect DIY decorating project.  

Not taking anything away from professional artists...whose work I could never compete with.  But there are times when we want to decorate with our own personal works of art.  The end result is always personal and authentic! And did I mention how much money you can save!   Below are some my works of art.  What a way to wow guests with your our artwork!

To start, all I needed was some acrylic paint, painter brushes, even sponges if your looking for a particular effect, an easel, a canvas, if you really want to get professional, you can apply canvas gesso to help the acrylic paint absorb the canvas.  Or buy a pre-primed canvas.  You can protect your painting by adding a protective gloss once it has dried.  And last and most important is a nice cold glass of gets the creative juices flowing. I use this time to relax and reflect, it is so therapeutic!    

Please note that I'm no expert, but the first painting I did was 2 years ago and it still looks good...colors haven't faded. I must admit that one thing I have learned is that when layering, to let the paint dry before applying another layer.

I hope these pics have inspired you to create something fabulous for your home!  Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks!

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