How to Organize Your Pantry on a Budget

I've been on a mission to organize my household including myself.  Okay I'll admit that I'm not as organized as I would like to be.  And this may be my way of thinking because I'm married to a man who is pretty anal retentive.  As a result of this happy expectations have become pretty high.    

So below is what my pantry usually looks like. How does yours look?  Well I don't think it's that horrible...but when things aren't organized the kids tend to just put stuff anywhere. Heck, I've been know to do the same.  Well not anymore...I hope.  

So on a extremely hot weekday, the kids and I stayed in and took everything out of the pantry. 

Items from Walmart

Cereal Containers via BJ's Wholesale

The day before we took a trip to Walmart and BJ's to pick up a few organizational items.  This was after some serious research for ideas on Pinterest, as always these Pinners never disappoint. 

a pretty house

Cork Board Squares via Walmart

The green containers were an old purchase from Kmart and the white containers are from the Dollar Store.  I made and printed some quick pantry labels.  And that's it.  

I paid a total of $40.00 for everything I purchased.  Yes, I can be pretty organized too!

I love the baskets but I noticed that too many of them could be awkward.  So I only used a few. The containers are a huge plus, they make it easy to be super organized and they keep everything fresh. 

I used the cork squares to add a message board to the inside of the pantry doors.   Looking at Pinterest, I wanted to use black board paint...but I decided to try this for now.  

I really love how our pantry turned out.  I've seen some fabulous ideas on Pinterest that were really inspiring and even intimidating.   I even saw my dream pantry...but that's a job for another day and a different budget.  

Thank you for stopping by!   

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