Quick Outdoor Patio Table Decor Ideas...

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It was pushing 86 degrees this weekend, which meant it was time to chill with a few frozen daiquiris!  In my opinion, this is the best part of the summer, relaxing on the deck, enjoying a frozen drink with my husband,... kids playing. I couldn't wait to enjoy the warm weather but when I stepped outside I realized the decor or lack of, just didn't match my mood......sooooo.  

It was time to decorate my patio table and deck with some quick and easy decor.  I didn't have time to plan I just wanted instant summer!   

Just enough to get the season started. Although...I still have a few ideas brewing in my head for the rest of the summer.

A pretty house rocks
A chic bottle of S. Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water and a pitcher of lemons 
brighten this table
When I think of summer decor, I think of tropical themes and bright colors, so I simply filled my glass pitcher with lemons, to add some color to my patio table. We decided to have lunch outside, so I set the table with my favorite colorful margarita glasses that I've had for quite a few years.    Added a bottle of S.Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water....these bottles are always a stylish way to chic up any space.  
A pretty house rocks
Flowers and colorful plates complete this table setting nicely.

I found these plastic plates and cups from Kmart last week for practically nothing, they have a nice pattern on them and are perfect for quick but pretty table setting.

A Pretty house rocks
Outdoor side tables need love too!

This blue pitcher on one of my outdoor side tables hasn't been filled yet...but it still looks pretty good!

Well...that was a quick mood changer.  This was a quick and easy way to change this space, adding colorful items to brighten and change the decor. 

A Pretty House Rocks

I hope these pictures inspire you to change the mood of your deck!  

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