Craft Organization and Storage, How I found Space!

Coat Closet and Craft Storage

YES!  Craft organization...but in a coat closet?

Many of us just don't have an extra room to call our dedicated craft room, but that shouldn't stop our productivity.  Sure enough, a lack of organization can do just that. I've grown tired of using one of my kitchen cabinets and other random places for craft storage.   I was also tired of going to the garage to retrieve my hot glue gun.   So I pondered areas in my home to create the storage I needed, and settled on my coat closet.  This waste of space was the perfect answer. 

Coat Closet/Craft Storage
This has been a huge life saver for me.  I purchased two 3-drawer plastic storage containers from Kmart, and labeled them with Indenta-Label Storage labels.  No it's not the Martha Stewart Craft table and drawers that I've always dreamed of, but it makes my life so much easier.   I don't have to search my home for various craft items...I just check the coat closet!

For instance, when one of my kids has a class project that requires some crafting...I just roll these bad boys to our kitchen table.

3-Drawer Plastic Storage Bin
Construction Paper

A Pretty House
Kids Art Supplies
I keep those extra crayons and colored pencils in a drawer so that my kids are always prepared.  I swear my daughter's crayons in her room are always either broken or have disappeared!

A Pretty House
Wrapping Paper and Gift Bag Storage
DIY Storage boxes

I cut bottom half of cereal boxes and wrapped then in cheap wrapping paper as DIY storage boxes.

I used a Dollar Store Waste Basket to store wrapping paper and gift bags.

These drawers are the perfect spot to store my acrylic paints and supplies.  I just roll out this storage bin whenever I feel a painting project coming on!

A Pretty House
Acrylic Paints

There's always a way to improve your home organization and decor, even when you don't have a lot of space or a huge budget, all you need is an idea.  

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Beige to Gray kitchen....time for a change!

I've been on a mission to update my home, room by room.... beige wall by beige wall.   I used to love the beige color but trends change and gray is the new "it" color.  
But this "it" color has been quite a task to choose.  With gray paint I've learned that the choices are appealing yet come in abundance.  I'm going crazy trying to choose a single color!  I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way.   We have so much beige throughout the house that I'm growing impatient, I've been so anxious to begin and see the finished product.  But that's not how a good design project works.  You have to plan. 

So let me regroup...I've decided that maybe a warm gray is the best course of action.  nd since fall is around the corner, what a perfect time to paint! 
Before I started, I've been doing research on various gray paints.  I learned that I need to be careful about the undertones.  Some undertones are blue, some are purple, some are brown.  So I purchased some samples and have also been looking at other kitchens comparable to mines that have gray paint.   

So below is my kitchen with the old beige and gold faux finish....was really nice in 2005...TEN YEARS AGO!   I purchased the popular Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray.
The Faux must go!

Below are some of those other kitchen's I've been comparing. There sure are some beautiful kitchens out there!   One day remodel my kitchen..but until then...let thine kitchen be thine canvas! 

This paint below reminds me of BM's Revere Pewter...which I think I actually love!   This color color scheme is similar to mines...I think this could work.

Traditional Kitchen by Placerville Kitchen & Bath Designers Ultimate Designs

In the picture below, I love the way this paint color complements this kitchen...absolutely beautiful!

The rest of the pics are mainly wall ideas.

Transitional Kitchen by Burlington Home Stagers Staging2Sell

If you want to see how this paint job turned out, click here:  Kitchen Wall paint update

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