Craft Organization and Storage, How I found Space!

Coat Closet and Craft Storage

YES!  Craft organization...but in a coat closet?

Many of us just don't have an extra room to call our dedicated craft room, but that shouldn't stop our productivity.  Sure enough, a lack of organization can do just that. I've grown tired of using one of my kitchen cabinets and other random places for craft storage.   I was also tired of going to the garage to retrieve my hot glue gun.   So I pondered areas in my home to create the storage I needed, and settled on my coat closet.  This waste of space was the perfect answer. 

Coat Closet/Craft Storage
This has been a huge life saver for me.  I purchased two 3-drawer plastic storage containers from Kmart, and labeled them with Indenta-Label Storage labels.  No it's not the Martha Stewart Craft table and drawers that I've always dreamed of, but it makes my life so much easier.   I don't have to search my home for various craft items...I just check the coat closet!

For instance, when one of my kids has a class project that requires some crafting...I just roll these bad boys to our kitchen table.

3-Drawer Plastic Storage Bin
Construction Paper

A Pretty House
Kids Art Supplies
I keep those extra crayons and colored pencils in a drawer so that my kids are always prepared.  I swear my daughter's crayons in her room are always either broken or have disappeared!

A Pretty House
Wrapping Paper and Gift Bag Storage
DIY Storage boxes

I cut bottom half of cereal boxes and wrapped then in cheap wrapping paper as DIY storage boxes.

I used a Dollar Store Waste Basket to store wrapping paper and gift bags.

These drawers are the perfect spot to store my acrylic paints and supplies.  I just roll out this storage bin whenever I feel a painting project coming on!

A Pretty House
Acrylic Paints

There's always a way to improve your home organization and decor, even when you don't have a lot of space or a huge budget, all you need is an idea.  

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