Christmas Holiday Decor Ideas!

Happy Holidays and Welcome to A Pretty House Rocks!   This is my family's favorite time of the year and we couldn't wait to take out the Christmas decorations.  Please....take a look around and thanks for stopping by!   

This year we decided to decorate our tree with silver and gold accented with blue in the family room.  I just love the color blue, but I must admit that the colors gold and silver looks pretty good.

Ahh the fireplace, my favorite feature of my family room.  I didn't have enough stocking holders this year.  We got a new puppy so now we have 4 kids!  So I improvised by using a tension rod.  I placed the tension rod on the holders allowing room to add more stockings as needed.   (see below)  

Best idea ever!

Isn't he the cutest thing!

For my dining room below, I used some silver burlap as a runner and blue poinsettias from Joann's Fabric store.  This year is using the "less is more" design theme in my dining room since we will be painting soon (Can't wait!)

Below are some more stems from Joann's and Michael's.   I love the way these winter stems bring in the Holiday!

I made these wreaths below for every window in my house.  Costs $2 a window!  I bought the wreathes and red bows from the dollar store.  So easy and quite festive.   That looks really beautiful from the street. 

I decorated one of my console tables with Christmas decor and ornaments and also used this table to display greeting cards.

Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks and Happy Holidays!

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  1. I am so sorry I am late viewing this beautiful Christmas house. I am very impressed.