Dated Gold to Modern Gray Kitchen Paint Redo!

Yes! I finally finished repainting my kitchen.  It took a minute, but it feels amazing after 10 years to replace that dated paint with a more modern color.  It really brightened the kitchen and sun the space a brand new feel! 

After doing some research on Pinterest, we chose Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter to replace the old gold faux finish that covered these kitchen walls.   I honestly love the look and I'm super excited about the prospect of re-painting some more rooms...dining room next!

Below is the kitchen in the old paint....the Gold Faux had to Go!  It had its time.

I decided to use the remaining paint and painted the wall outside the kitchen gray....the color really makes the blue photo wall pop! (Below)

The kitchen sun room's walls also needed a make over.

The gray paint made a huge difference, it really complimented my photo wall.(Below)

With these two pics below, you can really see how each color affects the room.

I hope these pics inspire you!   Thanks so much for stopping by, A Pretty House!