Summer and Spring Decor ideas for Living and Dining room

Hello everyone!  Spring is here and summer is right around the corner.  In my home we've been spring cleaning and pulling out a few summer decorations to prepare for the summer season.  In an effort to be thrifty this year, I decided to to try and reuse most of our decor from last year.  I don't usually go overboard when decorating, (except at Christmas).  I really think less is more, as long as the less makes statement.  Hopefully these pictures will provide some inspiration as as you decorate your home this summer!

I love to decorate my fireplace mantel.  This is a focal point in my family room that serves as a great place to decorate.  I added various frames, candles, a small pop of yellow faux Forsynthia from Joanne's Fabrics. 

I used these stems last year...they are super easy to decorate with. (Above)

Below is my dining room, I just added a few flowers, added a few items and immediately this room screamed, "Spring."    I plan to paint this room this month...getting rid of that gold and replacing with gray....Can't Wait!!!!!  Will post once complete!

Last summer I flanked both of my family room chairs next to the fireplace. (See below) I love to move my furniture around to create a different look in a space that we spend so much time in.  I watched my mother and grandmother do this as a kid, and I love the feeling I get when I recreate a space. 

I hope these pictures inspire you to start the summer season.   If you want some inspiration while decorating your outdoor space, please see the links below:


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