Updating a Living Room using the perfect Gray Paint

After painting our dining room using Sherwin Williams' Gauntlet Gray.  Of course, we had to paint the room across from the dining room,...the living room.  This room was painted a very dated, yet once popular faux finish gold. (just like the dining room) See Dining Room update with the Perfect Gray Paint

This new color completely transformed this room into a more modern and elegant space.  

We changed the curtains but are still working on updating the remaining decor, but for now we are satisfied with simply adding this new paint. 

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Perfect Gray Paint Color to Update a Dining Room

We have been in our home for over ten years and realized that the only way we will not move is if we update everything!  Not that ten years is that long, but the styles have changed.   Case in point....this dated gold faux finish paint....that looked "stylish"  years ago.  Now it just looks dated! (see Below) It looks like the sun exploded in our dining room...It just had to go!

Dated Gold Faux finish paint
I personally wanted something current and modern, but honestly I really wanted something that was easy to decorate with.

I fell in love with Sherwin Williams' Gauntlet Gray (above chair rail) and Alabaster (below chair rail).  I love these paint colors.  They are so modern and complimentary to the rest of our furniture and d├ęcor.  There was no need to change my curtains.

From every angle this paint changes the entire look of this room.  We feel like we have moved into a new home!  My kids said, "Mom what happened to our house, and can we paint our rooms next!"

What a difference a coat of paint makes...right?   What a transformation!

Prior I painting, I was undecided on whether to put the dark below and the light above, as some people do.  However, I love the darker gray color above the chair rail..it serves as the main focus.  Especially since my Living room that is opposite this room, must have a similar color scheme to ease the flow. Great color for our open floor plan. (see below)

We are super excited at how this paint update turned out. 

We hope this inspires you to update and paint a room today!  Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks.com!