Family Road Trip Essentials Packing Checklist and Travel Tips

Summer is here and many of us are preparing, some dreading, that family road trip to our vacation destination.  To avoid the dread, I wanted to share some of the things I've learned over the years to overcome those travel woes.  I have learned that what you actually you pack counts and not over packing.  A packing list is the biggest stress reliever.   Below I am sharing my road trip packing checklist, that can me edited to suit your family's needs!
  • Travel size and refillable containers are great solutions when packing toiletries.  These compact items make it easier to organize without taking up a lot of space, divide these among the family.
  • Laundry Bags are great solutions when organizing dirty laundry while away.  I found these bags at Target for $5.
  • First Aid Kit is a MUST.  I bought this First Aid container bag and stocked it with First Aid essentials.  Of course, you can always buy a fully stocked kit. 
  • Zippered Bags are great solutions for storing travel items and toiletries.  These bags are super easy to store in the car or in the luggage.  Give family members their own for personal items.  Label for convenience and easy access.
  • Cleaning Products are a necessity especially with kids.  Antibacterial wipes and shout wipes.  We even bring Lysol wipes or spray to disinfect items in our hotel room, toilet seat, remote control.  It gives us peace of mind.

Click on the links below to edit one for your family! 

Family Road Trip Essentials Packing Checklist Template - MSWord

Family Road Trip Essentials Packing Checklist - PDF Version

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