8 Fall Decorating Ideas

Welcome!  Fall will be here on Friday, and I can't wait to start this new season.  I love this time of the year, the weather is fabulous, the holidays are around the corner, the kids are in school during the day😉...just perfect!    Like many of us, we are trying to save money, so I decided to repurpose many of my fall decorations from over the years.  Simple fall colors to begin decorating for the season.   Come on and see....

I found garland, but it was a little short for our fireplace mantle, so I added a few extra fall branches to extend the ends.  Easy Peasy!

And since we have so much to be thankful for...I created this "Thankful and Blessed" sign.  I feel thankful every single time I look at it.  And it was free!  (If you want one too...click the link below)

This console table is one of my favorites, they are always fun to decorate.  You can't go wrong with pumpkins and acorns....I always have plenty of them.

I kept the dining room simple as well.

Then I changed it up again.  Still simple, but added the tray and fall leaves.

I took these pictures in my kitchen.  I love using trays when decorating.  Moving them from room to room, adding décor to suit the season.   These flameless candles are perfect for Fall.

Since I refused to purchase anything new...I painted some of my pumpkins, this one was orange.  Great way to re-purpose when decorating.

During Thanksgiving, I usually place pumpkins on each place setting.

I hope these pics inspire you!  Thanks for visiting A Pretty House Rocks.com! Happy Fall!

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