DIY Glass Candle Holders using items from the Dollar Store

No, I really don't have all that much time on my hands to DIY all the time, but I just love to save money on pretty things for my home.  I almost feel like I'm beating the system by creating something beautiful for almost nothing.   I could spend all day at Homegood's shopping, but I chose the Dollar Store to create a diy accent for my home.

I wanted to create something for my dining room table that added a pop of color for the upcoming holidays.

For this little DIY project you will need, 4 glass candle holders, 2 glass bowls, E600 glue, bag of flat clear marbles, bag of blue flat marbles, (Any color is fine) and a hot glue gun.

Glue the candle holder tops together with the E600 glue...

Then glue the glass bowl to the top.

Hot glue the flat marbles in a line around the perimeter of the bowl, then repeat until the entire bowl is covered.  Use any sequence of colors you like.   Just like have some new beautiful decor for you home.   Use it to decorate for the holidays, watch how many of your friends and family ask, "where did you get those?"

Thanks for visiting A Pretty House!   Hope these pics inspire you to DIY today!

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