DIY American Girl Doll "Lea Clark's Fruit Stand" - Big Gifts on a small Budget

Hey, do you guys see this...Yes its an American Girl Doll Fruit Stand, but can you believe that I actually built this myself!....with Foam Board! No big bucks spent on this item.  Just a little DIY sweat and Mommy brain power.

My daughter loves her American Girl Doll and all the amazing furniture and accessories that are available.   But you have to be prepared to spend some money when it comes to this brand.  We visited the American Girl Doll Store in Orlando, Florida last year and my daughter fell in love with "Lea's Fruit Stand" among other things.  She wanted it for her birthday, but I told her it was too expensive.
Thanks to this amazing DIY website: DIY Lea Clark's Fruit Stand Foam Board - American Girl Doll Ideas  I was able to create this fruit stand, that looks identical to the real thing!  Amazing!!!!  and More money in my pocket!

Imagine my daughter's surprise to see this as a birthday gift.  She was super excited!  She didn't realize it wasn't the real thing.

The stand was made using foam Board, paint, canvas, hot glue, sticker paper, etc.   The website gave detailed instructions and measurements.  I did a little each day and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Since this was a DIY project, I was able to personalize the fruit stand with my daughter's name.   I put it on the side, I didn't want to take away from the name and style of the original fruit stand.

Since the original fruit stand comes with accessories, that I could not make.  I purchased "our generation Hawaiian Party accessories".  They were the perfect substitution and addition to our Fruit Stand.

Hope these pic inspire you to DIY today.    Thanks for visiting!!!!


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